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What Is Decarboxylation, and Why Does Your Cannabis Need It?

What is decarboxylation

Every time you’ve ever smoked cannabis or eaten a weed edible, you’ve had decarboxylated weed. In fact, there’s no way you would ever get high without decarboxylation. So what is decarboxylation, how does it happen, and why does every cannabis you ever consume need it? Continue reading below to find out how weed goes through decarboxylation and […]

What is High Terpene Full Spectrum Extracts?

What is High Terpene Full Spectrum Extracts?

The evolution of the cannabis industry has been interesting to watch over the past decade. Botanists have crafted highly potent strains that are nearly unrecognizable to someone who hasn’t seen cannabis since the hippie movement. The industry took THC potency to another level by revolutionizing hash into the modern concentrates we enjoy today. While experiencing […]

Garlic Cookies Strain Review & Information

Garlic Cookies, sometimes called GMO Cookies, is a highly potent cannabis strain. As you may have guessed, the somewhat strange flower name comes from the unique terpene profile. However, a slightly strong flavor won’t scare off consumers because Garlic Cookies strain THC level is 24% and 30%, making it a must-have on any delivery list.  […]

Peanut Butter Breath Strain Review

How To Tell Good Weed From Bad Weed

Not many strains available in the legal cannabis market are as unique and elusive as the pungent Peanut Butter Breath. Master growers from ThugPug Genetics crossed the incredibly popular Do-Si-Do and Mendobreath F2 to create a bold strain that embodies craft cannabis culture. Growing the mysterious and nearly perfect hybrid (50% sativa/50% indica) strain is […]

What is Hydroponic Weed?

What is Hydroponic Weed?

You may have heard the term ‘hydro’ or ‘hydroponic weed’ when consulting with your favorite budtender or looking for your next go-to strain. As the cannabis industry has evolved over the years, new growing methods have emerged with the common goal of producing the highest quality cannabis at a price that is affordable to the […]

Top 10 High-THC Strains You Should Know About

When Did Weed Become Illegal In The U.S.?

THC levels are growing. Over the last 20 years, the average THC percentage has increased by more than 20%. Breeding and plant genetics are improving to develop unique terpene profiles and boost potency to levels your grandparents could have only dreamed about. As a result, high potency marijuana flowers are pushing well into the mid-30s. […]

Rainbow Sherbert Strain Review

Rainbow Sherbert Strain Review

Rainbow Sherbert is the lovechild of two popular strains, Champagne Kush and Blackberry. This hybrid cannabis strain has extremely aromatic buds and a delicious flavor profile that will leave you wanting more. This cannabis strain is well-known for it’s sweet fruity flavor with a hint of mint. Rainbow Sherbert enthusiasts love how it delivers an […]