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What Are Those Little Red Hairs On Weed?

On the surface, the marijuana plant might look simple; stem, bud, leaves, and flower. But when you start to really study it, you’ll soon realize that has quite a complex anatomy. If you’ve ever looked closely at cannabis, you have definitely noticed tiny red hairs on the weed. Just what are those little red hairs […]

Easy To Make, Irresistible Cannabutter Desserts

Easy To Make, Irresistible Cannabutter Desserts

What are some easy cannabutter desserts? Cooking with cannabutter is easier than you think. We love these super easy to make desserts made with cannabis infused butter! Next time your looking for something delicious to eat, try these irresistible cannabutter dessert recipes! Cannabutter infused desserts: Cannabis Infused Toffee If you’ve never had cannabis toffee, your […]