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Monthly Archives: January 2021

What Is CBG And How Is It Different From CBD?

By now, you are more than familiar with CBD and all of its healing benefits. From anti-inflammatory properties to helping ease back pain, we all thought CBD was the answer to our prayers.  But there’s another cannabis compound that’s quickly becoming popular and it’s called CBG. CBG Meaning CBG stands for cannabigerol and is currently […]

What Is A Sploof?


One of the few downsides of smoking weed is the smell that lingers in the air. Whether you live alone or with someone, this smell of burning cannabis can be irritating and may make others uncomfortable. Luckily, there is a little trick we’re going to tell you about the masks the smell of cannabis. It’s […]

What Is Bubble Hash?


What is bubble hash? You’ve heard of hash, but what about bubble hash? Bubble hash is a dark brown, crumbly cannabis concentrate that contains tons of trichomes. These trichomes are separated from the cannabis plant using ice-water, agitation, and a sieve. This type of concentrate gets its name from the small bubbles that form when […]