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We Have 4 New Amazing Cannabis Strains For You To Try

New Cannabis Strains

We’ve stocked our shelves with four new strains! Check out these amazing new cannabis strains, all tested at over 27% THC! Whether you’re into indica, sativa, or hybrid strains, we’ve got something you’ll love.     The best cannabis strains currently at Kushfly: Papaya Punch Indica 29.4% THC A cross between Papaya & Purple Punch, […]

In Honor Of Kobe Bryant, Here Are 8 Amazing Products Under $24

In Honor Of Kobe Bryant, Here Are 8 Amazing Products Under $24

The devastating news of the death of Kobe Bryant shocked the world. Bryant was arguably the greatest basketball player of his generation, a loving father of 4, and a dedicated husband. Who is Kobe Bryant? Bryant played his entire 20-season career in the National Basketball Association with the Los Angeles Lakers as a shooting guard. […]

Whiz Edibles Offers Gourmet Edibles At An Affordable Price

Order Online Whiz Edibles The Chestnut Chocolate BonBons

A new edible company has popped up, and we can’t get enough of it. Whiz Edibles is a gourmet marijuana edible company that specializes in chocolate confections and cookies. If you’re yearning for edibles that are both delicious and strong, see why Whiz Edibles are what dreams are made of. Whiz Edibles offers upscale edibles […]

The Strain Of Your (Blue) Dreams

The Strain Of Your (Blue) Dreams

Blue Dream is a very uplifting and cerebral sativa strain. Most people describe an energetic and mentally clear headed high. This strain might catch you by surprise, as it instantly delivers a rush of creative energy and a near state of euphoria. Solid body relief seems to increase with each passing minute, building up until […]