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2020 Is Here!

Order Online 2020 Future Premium Roll Winter is Coming/Peppermint Mocha

2020 has come early at Kushfly! We’ve stocked our shelves with 2020 prerolls and potent edibles in preparation for the turn of the decade. If you’re looking for amazing new products, check out what 2020 has to offer! 2020 Future Premium Prerolls Future pre rolls are a product ahead of their time! Each pre roll […]

Millennials- Try One Of These Awesome THC Products!

Millennials- Try One Of These Awesome THC Products!

Millennials are some of marijuana’s most loyal customers. A study done recently discovered that millennials are more likely to smoke weed than cigarettes. But, as a generation that grew up in the digital age, their access to technology that delivers instant product information, reviews, and price comparisons coupled with a strong desire for healthy habits, […]

Apple Jack Strain Review

Apple Jack Strain Review

Is Apple Jack sativa or indica? Apple Jack is a sativa strain that delivers a quick burst of energy straight to the head. This uplifting strain is ideal for use during the day. About Apple Jack EFFECTS Talkative Euphoric Energetic Uplifted Happy FRAGRANCE Sweet, earthy, citrus, skunk FLAVORS Sweet, berry, citrus, lemon, spicy THC CONTENT […]

We’re Naming The Best Cannabis Products Of 2019

We're Naming The Best Cannabis Products Of 2019

Can it be true? 2019 is coming to a close already! It’s hard to believe that we are approaching another turn of the decade, and during these past 10 years cannabis has really gone mainstream. Over the past decade Alaska, California, Illinois, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Oregon, Vermont, and Washington have all legalized the sale and possession […]