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Purple Punch Strain Review

Purple Punch Strain Review

Purple Punch is a tasty and powerful treat that contains 29.8% THC. This strain packs a powerful punch of fruity taste.  It has grape, blue berry, and tart flavors.  It’s parents Larry OG and Granddaddy Purple bestow a hearty resilience and a gourmet flavor. Purple Punch has a classic aroma of grape, tropical punch, pineapple, and […]

Happy 710 Day!

Happy 710 Day

You may have heard the news.. it’s 710! But aside from being July 10th, what does ‘710’ actually mean? 710 is the recognized holiday for smoking potent cannabis oil products. Just like ‘420’, ‘710’ is a term used by cannabis lovers to celebrate dabs, vapes, cartridges, and anything oil related. The number 710 actually spells ‘OIL‘ […]