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Monthly Archives: October 2017

Corona, Lime, & Cannabis – Yes Please!

Corona, Lime, & Cannabis – YES PLEASE! Constellation Brands, one of the US largest alcohol distributors, has taken a 9.9% participation in Canadian cannabis company Canopy Growth, based on a report by Jennifer Maloney and David George Cosh in the Wall Street Journal. Canopy and Constellation say they plan to develop cannabis-infused drinks for the […]

URBAN LEGEND: Cannabis-Infused Halloween Candy

URBAN LEGEND: Cannabis-Infused Halloween Candy New Year, Same Warning Halloween is right around the corner, so naturally, parents are sure to be in search of any suspect treats finding their way in their kid’s trick-or-treat bags. Including the now common urban legend that dastardly neighbors are just fiending to feed your kids cannabis Halloween candy […]

Cannabis and Breast Cancer

breast cancer

Cannabis and Breast Cancer In the USA, nearly 600,000 sufferers are claimed to cancer, its treatment is a $150 billion annual business. In 2015 alone, it’s estimated that more than 1.6 million new cancer cases have been diagnosed in the U.S.. Globally, there were 14 million new cases in 2016 and more than eight million […]

Cannabis & California Wildfires

With wildfires still raging in Northern California, cannabis farmers in the area, who were in the middle of harvesting season, are suffering huge losses. Northern counties are contributors to the state’s burgeoning cannabis industry, according to the San Francisco, California Chronicle, there are 3,000 to 9,000 cannabis gardens in Sonoma County alone. This is going […]

Women, Science & Cannabis

Women, Science & Cannabis Presently, women occupy 36% of executive positions in companies that grow, test, sell and market cannabis solutions. The latest survey of Marijuana Business Daily showed that women own and operate 35 percent of the nation’s retail and medical cannabis shops. Mara Gordon, the creator of Aunt Zelda and Zelda Therapeutics, have […]