20 Weed Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is upon us, but for stoners, it is just another day to glorify weed. If you haven’t found the perfect stoner Halloween costume for yourself, our picks will make your job easier.

Blunt of a weed costume

It is one of the basic weed Halloween costumes but you got to admit, it is hilarious to see someone in this. Be this person this year and spread the laughs.

Weed joint costume

If you are into smoking joints rather than smoking blunts, this is your costume.

Bag of weed costume

We don’t know which one is funnier, a blunt or a bag? This costume will also put a smile on your friends’ faces on Halloween.

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Become a weed container

Medical weed container costume is rarer than the blunt and the bag, but it holds the same potential of entertainment.

Weed plant costumes

We can’t skip the marijuana leaf costume

A simple yet effective choice for a weed Halloween costume


Take a step further and get in a pot

This one takes dedication, consider the risk-reward ratio before putting this one on.

Other weed-related Halloween costumes

Don’t be the hero they need, be the hero they deserve

Back in the day, our favorite heroes were Spider-Man, Batman, Iron Man, Superman, and such but now, no one is stronger than Weedman, Ganja Man, or Captain Pot

Purple Costume

Weed suit

This is a more formal approach to the weed Halloween costumes. Suit up and light one up.

You can be a weed chef

If you want to pull this one off, you better make some edibles beforehand to give away, otherwise don’t take the responsibility of becoming a weed chef.

Show the importance of medical marijuana

This one is an option to consider for a stoner girl Halloween costume. Health is important as well as a weed. Be a weed nurse and spread the cure.


Compliment the weed nurse with weed doctor

If you put this on, there is only one way for you to heal people.

Do you also want to be scary on Halloween? Wear this mask

You can easily freak your high friends out with this mask and give them a bad Halloween trip.

Who wouldn’t want to see a weed fairy flying around

Put on this costume, grab lots of weed, go out, and do your magic.

To cool for a costume? Grab a T-shirt then

Not everyone is comfortable inside a costume. You can just wear a weed and Halloween-related T-shirt to save the night.

Another weed mask alternative

Thanks to the pandemic we have this now. Also, this mask has led lights on in to make it an option to consider.

Legs full of weed sound nice

This could be your last-minute save as a cannabis Halloween costume

Weed Glasses

You can pair your T-shirt or stockings with these glasses and there you have it, you have a DIY Halloween costume.

A giant blunt could make your costume much better

If you have a simple weed-related Halloween costume, carry this giant blunt with you to make your point.

Pay your respects to the Rastafarian culture

Ignore the “cancel culture” and extreme political correctness. Put the dreadlocks on and roll a big fat joint for Halloween.

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