12 Strongest THC Edibles in California (2023)

It seems like everywhere you go, legal cannabis edibles are becoming more and more popular.

From chocolates to gummies, brownies to cookies – there’s something for everyone! But what about those of us who prefer the highest-quality THC-packed edibles available?

Well, friends, we have got some good news: California has become a hotbed for enhanced cannabis edible products with some of the highest THC levels around – and we’ve rounded up our top 15 picks so you can explore all your options in 2023!

Keep reading as we dive into these perfect pot goodies that are sure to take your high game up a notch (or two).

How To Spot The Best THC Edibles?

There are a few key factors for deciding if edibles are worth trying or not. Let’s focus on the essential points to consider.

Potency and Flavor

You don’t want it near your mouth if it doesn’t water your mouth. You won’t be interested if it isn’t strong. We’re searching for the most delectable and potent edible THC products in 2023. Of course, this isn’t the only criteria, but if your taste buds and homeostatic needs aren’t satisfied after one or two doses, that edible won’t cut.

Production Methods

We don’t simply think about how long our THC edibles spend in the oven when we think about how they’re created. What you should keep an eye on: The cultivation of source hemp from seed to harvest. The method of extraction, as well as how the product is handled after harvest. The entire manufacturing process, from start to finish, and full-panel lab testing.


What we’re looking for are the top ingredients. We prefer cannabis edibles that are organic, vegan, non-GMO, or otherwise healthful. However, in keeping with our goal of identifying the tastiest and most potent, we’ll simply award bonus points to companies that meet our standards while employing quality ingredients, even if they’re a little more expensive. Of course, utilizing the most incredible ingredients also means using the best cannabis when making THC edibles.

Source of Cannabis

Many cannabis-derived goods, as well as the source, can be sent worldwide. That means not all THC edibles are created equal because their source material differs. When you factor in the farmer, processor, and manufacturer, there are even more differences. Many people want to know exactly what they’re getting from seed to shelf.

We prefer the flavor of edibles even more if we see a corporation that keeps track of this information and exhibits consistent quality. Furthermore, when a manufacturer uses higher-quality raw materials, the end product usually has a cleaner, more balanced cannabinoid profile.

So in light of these factors, here are our picks of the 12 strongest THC edibles in California for 2023.

Explore 12 The Best THC Edibles in California

12 – Pink Paradise Caramel Apple Pop

Pink Paradise Caramel Apple Pop has 100mg of THC and a sweet and savory caramel flavor. Don’t be misled by the lovely sight of this lollipop; only a few licks will have you hooked on.

11 – Smashed Peach Ring Gummies

Smashed Plus Peach Ring Gummies 5000mg are lovingly handcrafted. These tasty candies are a perfect alternative for individuals who don’t want to smoke but still want to get the advantages of THC. It’s simple and handy to eat anywhere, at any time!

Smashed Peach Ring Weed Gummies

There are 20 gummies in the bag. Each gummy has 200mg of THC, for a total of 5000mg.

10 – Whiz Edibles Doobie Doo Cookies

Prepare for the high of your life when you try the all-new Whiz Doobie Doo Cookies. These bite-sized chocolate chip cookies are loaded with high-quality THC and make for a delicious sweet snack anytime!

Don’t be fooled by their diminutive size; these tiny snacks deliver a powerful punch! We recommend waiting 40-60 minutes after eating to get the full benefit. The bag contains ten cookies with a total THC content of 300mg.

9 – Whiz Edibles Pineapple Kush Syrup

Try the all-new Pineapple Kush Syrup by Whiz Edibles, and get ready for the high of your life. This dank beverage is infused with natural grape flavor extract and contains a total of 1000 mg THC! Mix some into your favorite soda, or enjoy a spoonful solo.

Careful not to overdo it! The sweet grape flavor will leave your tastebuds wanting more, but this potent drink will have you locked on the couch in a total euphoric buzz for hours.

8 – Sumer Live Rosin Full Spectrum Gummies

Sumer Live Rosin Full Spectrum Gummies are surely one of the best THC edibles in California. It is handmade with care in Los Angeles.

These gummies are a great alternative for those who want to get the benefits of THC without smoking. Easy and convenient to munch on anywhere, anytime! It comes with a total THC content of 200 mg and 20 mg per piece.

7 – Candy Apple Sativa Gummies

STNDRD Gummies are made with all-natural cannabis-derived terpene blends. They consistently deliver a potent and amazing edible experience. Each bite-sized gummy is handcrafted to ensure top quality and delicious flavor!

Best THC Edibles in California - Candy Apple Gummies

STNDRD Sativa Gummies Candy Apple are ideal for munching on in the morning or daytime, as they deliver uplifting, energizing effects. It comes with 200mg THC Total (4 50mg gummies in each box).

6 – Stack’N Trees CBD/THC Edibles Gummy Worms

Stack’N Trees is a new-gen cannabis extractor and producer of edibles and concentrated cannabis byproducts. Stack’N Trees CBD & THC gummies found a place in consumers’ favorites in a very short time. Each gummy contains 25 mg of THC for easy dosing.

5 – FKEM Fruity Punch Gummies

FKEM Fruity Punch 750MG Gummies are delicious chewy gummy made with premium distillate gummies. Reach for these pineapple gummies when you want an uplifting buzz and a jolt of positive energy!

Each gummy contains 75mg of THC, with a total of 750mg of THC in the entire package. Each pouch contains 10 gummies. We recommend waiting about 40-60 minutes after consumption to feel the full effects.

4 – Hemp Bombs CBD Gummies Sleep

One of the most exciting THC edibles in California, these chewy gummies combine a concentrated 15mg dose of pure CBD with the natural calming properties of Melatonin to promote restful sleep and morning wakefulness.

The bag contains 20 gummies with 15mg of CBD each. Total of 300mg CBD.

3 – Lolly Bombs

Relax and unwind in a fun and tasty way with Hemp Bombs CBD Lolly Bombs. Get more from your CBD with a package of four lollipops – each with 25mg of CBD and 100mg total – and four delicious flavors: cherry, green apple, pink lemonade, and watermelon.

Best THC Edibles in California

2 – Green Roots Cannabis Coffee Pods

Green Roots 50 mg Cannabis Coffee Pods are compatible with any Keurig machine. You not only get the caffeine kick but will also enjoy the benefits of high-quality THC oil. Giving a whole new meaning to wake and bake.

1 – Liquid Diamond Gummies

Smashed Liquid Diamond Gummies 200mg are handmade with care in Los Angeles. These sweet and sour gummies are a great alternative for those who want to get the benefits of THC without smoking. Easy and convenient to munch on anywhere, anytime! The bag contains 8 gummies.


Can a tourist buy edibles in California?

Any adult, local or tourist, can legally purchase up to one ounce or 8 grams of cannabis per day.

Are edibles legal in California 2023?

Recreational cannabis use has been legal since 2016, but only for those 21 years old and over. However, there are limitations on the amount of cannabis that individuals can possess. Possession of more than 28.5 grams of cannabis or eight grams of concentrated cannabis, roughly equivalent to one ounce, may result in penalties.

Is a 10 mg edible too much for a beginner?

The effects of cannabis can vary widely from person to person, and there are many factors that can influence the intensity and duration of its effects, including body weight, metabolism, tolerance, and individual sensitivity.

How do edibles make your body feel?

THC Edibles may make you feel more relaxed, calm, and mellow. Many people experience an increase in appetite, commonly known as the munchies. Cannabis is also known for its potential to help reduce pain and inflammation. Lastly, marijuana edibles may cause dryness in the mouth and eyes or dizziness.


We hope you liked our exclusive list for the best quality THC edibles in California. Now we would like to hear from you guys.

Which THC edibles are you favorites and why? Share your valuable ideas in the comment section below!

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