12 CBD Facts You Should Know 2021

1. CBD Comes From Cannabis

Cannabis is a genus of plants that include both hemp and marijuana. CBD (cannabidiol) stems from the hemp plant, which is the closest relative (like a cousin) to the marijuana plant. Marijuana contains a dominant trace of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) which is the chemical responsible for psychological effects, while CBD does not. 


2. Complicated Compounds

Cannabis is a complex plant with over 60 of the 400 chemical entities being cannabinoid compounds. CBD is one of many chemical compounds, none of which affect the body’s locomotives, temperature, or memory on its own. CBD leans on other cannabinoid compounds to be effective. It relies on THC to determine whether psychoactive effects take place. Interestingly enough, the higher the CBD levels, the more potent it’s related THC compounds become. 


3. CBD Organic Alternative

Did you know that CBD can be organic? As long as it is grown naturally without any additives, pesticides, fillers, or GMOs, since CBD is a plant it is organic. Enjoy the benefits of CBD with the healthier choice. You can make a 100% natural tea with hemp (non-psychoactive) CBD flowers or smoke CBD for quicker results in a 100% organic and nicotine free pre-roll

CBD Organic Alternative

4. CBD Can Help You Manage PCOS Symptoms Like Weight Loss

How can CBD benefit women with PCOS? CBD helps the body maintain homeostasis (balances parts of your body affected by PCOS including your hormones, metabolism, and neurotransmitters). Using CBD helps reduce inflammation and regulate insulin (PCOS symptom triggers), so women can see improvement within a few weeks whether it is on the scale or their digestion, headaches, fatigue, and more. Since PCOS symptoms include fatigue, CBD is recommended as it is known to help with sleep disorders allowing you to get the recommended 7-9 hours of sleep to promote weight loss. PCOS symptoms can be reversed with a dairy free, gluten free, slow weighted workout, and CBD diet. Keep in mind, everyone is different. Some women can see results in a few days and for some it takes a few months. Either way, consistency is key. 


5. CBD Health Treatments

As discovered when exploring the benefits of CBD with PCOS, CBD is an anti-inflammatory agent. This means CBD can help other conditions with symptoms of inflammation such as back and muscle pains as well as arthritis. Because CBD affects our brain receptors, it can also help with healing symptoms of central nervous system conditions such as PTSD, anxiety, depression, and seizures.

6. CBD Therapy for Dogs

Does your dog suffer from anxiety? Whether it is due to past trauma, loud noises, thunderstorms, or more CBD oil can help. CBD is also recommended for improving arthritis, coat growth, and seizures in dogs. Make sure you look for organic CBD oil when you plan on using it as a canine therapy. 

CBD Therapy for Dogs

7. CBD Reduces Anxiety

CBD changes the way your brain receptors respond to serotonin. Serotonin balances our moods and is known as our brain’s happy chemical. Since CBD influences serotonin, it can reduce anxiety. CBD therefore relieves the effects of anxiety like depression, panic attacks, irritability, headaches, heart palpitations, fatigue, blood pressure, muscle aches and pains, and stomach aches. 


8. CBD Oil Hemp Oil

Although CBD oil and hemp oil derive from the same hemp plant, they are not one in the same. CBD and hemp originate from different parts of the plant, so they do not contain the same compounds. Hemp oil is withdrawn from the cannabis seed which contains no cannabinoids, while CBD oil is extracted from hemp flowers and buds.


9. CBD Spectrums

Just like hemp is not the same as CBD, all forms of CBD are not exactly the same either. This is because CBD comes from both the hemp and marijuana plant. Full Spectrum CBD contains it all from its original source: minor cannabinoids, cannabis terpenes, and some THC traces. Broad Spectrum CBD contains the same Full Spectrum cannabinoids and terpenes, however all THC traces are removed. Isolate is refined CBD, meaning the CBD is isolated from any other compound. 

CBD Spectrums

10. CBD for Cancer

Early studies do not have enough evidence to show that  CBD can treat cancer itself. However, there is evidence that CBD can help with both cancer and chemotherapy symptoms. CBD can help with vomiting, nausea, anxiety, inflammation, and chronic pain, giving a desired natural option for patients.


11. 1 in 3 Use CBD

If you are reading this in a room with at least two people, odds are at least one of you uses CBD for medicinal purposes. Thanks to scientific research about the uses of CBD oil, more than half of Americans are aware of its benefits. CBD oil has become about 80% more accessible than in years past, making it more convenient for purchase.

Vast CBD Options

12. Vast CBD Options

You have so many options with CBD! As previously mentioned, you can create your own tea with CBD flowers or smoke CBD. You can also add CBD oil drops directly into your mouth or add to your favorite drink. You can rub CBD oil on your skin topically for chronic body pain relief. If you are looking for an edible, Kushfly has those too available in delicious CBD gummies (also available in sour gummies)!

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12 CBD Facts You Should Know 2021

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